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Speck Award Application

Please make sure you have your cover letter, abstract, CV, and list of abstracts, manuscripts and published papers before completing this form. Application deadline is March 13, 2023

SPECK Award Application

Dr. George Speck, alumnus of SMHS Class of 1941, generously established an annual award in loving memory of his first wife, Doris DeFord Speck. Dr. David Speck, continuing in this tradition on behalf of his parents, will honor a medical student, who, in the words of his father will be: "a wonderful, caring doctor", and who has demonstrated exceptional aptitude for a dedication to biomedical research. Since the award was established, the SMHS Committee on Research has chosen a 3rd or 4th year medical student who best embodies these characteristics from nominations from the faculty.

Any 3rd or 4th year medical student who wishes to be considered for this prize or any faculty member who desires to sponsor a student should submit the following by March 13, 2023:

Applicant Information
* First Name
* Last Name
* Email Address
*Summary of Research Impact (One paragraph on potential impact of the research project on the future career of the applicant - to be written by student.)
1) Cover letter from the faculty sponsor, to include the following: student's name; title of project; role of student in completing research project; period of time during which research was accomplished; continuing research involvement and commitment; and, critical assessment of the relative merit of the student compared to peers.

*Please upload cover letter.

2) One-page abstract of the research project to be written by the student and organized as follows: Hypothesis; Brief Summary of Key Methods; Results; and, Conclusions. Where appropriate, Potential Clinical Impact and Future Direction(s) of the study can be included and a single table of figures of essential data can accompany the one-page summary.

*Please upload one-page abstract of the research project.

3) Current CV (4-page limit)

*Please upload applicant CV.

4) A list of abstracts, manuscripts and published papers on which the student appears as an author with a brief description of the role of the student in the preparation of each publication.

*Please upload list of abstracts, manuscripts and published papers.