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Trudy Mallinson, PhD
Associate Professor
Clinical Research & Leadership
Affiliation(s): School of Medicine and Health Sciences
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Research Interests:
Dr. Mallinson is an expert in designing and refining health outcome assessments, rehabilitation health services research, and health policy. Her research focuses on improving outcome measurement in severe TBI, standardized assessment in rehabilitation, and developing measurement methodology. She is skilled in the application of Rasch Analysis, reliability and validity testing, and advanced measurement methodologies. She has experience leading and participating in large multi-center studies and also in psychometric analysis of brain injury assessment data.

health function, Brain injury, Disorders of consciousness, Rehabilitation, Chronic disability, Outcome assessment (Health Care), Health policy, Shared decision-making, Health care quality, Quality performance measures,

Research Level:

  • T2: Translation to Patients
  • T3: Translation to Practice
  • T4: Translation to Population Health

Student Projects might include:

  • Rasch Analysis: Impact of rater severity/leniency on person measures in cognition/brain injury
  • Rasch Analysis: Measuring change over time of severe TBI patients using conditional minimally detectable change. Rasch Analysis: Describing recovery trajectories in patients with severe TBI
  • Rasch Analysis: Evaluating stimulus level data for the Coma Recovery Scale-Revised
  • Qualitative Analysis:Caregiver and clinician perspectives on importance and amount of change
  • Qualitative Analysis: Caregiver and clinician perspectives on shared decision-making

Research Methods

  • Applying Theory, Measurement, and Methods
  • Translating Knowledge to Action
  • Rasch Measurement
  • Outcomes assessment design and development
  • Quality measurement
  • Scoping reviews
  • Qualitative and mixed methods
  • Narrative analysis

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