Micro-Mentoring Database

This searchable database was developed to facilitate micro-mentoring: short-term (one to two, 1-hour long) consultations on a specific area of career developmental need.

Faculty listed within the database are full-time, regular faculty with at least 5 years of service as a faculty member at GW and have volunteered to provide micro-mentoring on their preferred area of mentoring specialty.

Mentees can use the Micro-Mentoring Database to search for one of the topic areas for micro-mentoring that best matches their area of need, and the search will generate a list of micro-mentors with this area of mentoring specialty. Mentees should contact micro-mentors directly to set up individual consultations.

Requests for micro-mentoring in areas not listed in the database can be made directly to the Center for Faculty Excellence.

If you are a micro-mentor and wish to update or remove your entry, please contact Center for Faculty Excellence at cfe@gwu.edu.

To use the search form, choose one Topic Area for Micro-Mentoring at a time and click Search. Read more about each micro-mentor in the "Details" tab.

Search by Topic Area: