Add/Drop Request

Use this request to add and/or drop GW SMHS courses. For changes to away electives, please complete the Permission to Take Off-Campus Electives Form.

Once course schedules are set at the beginning of each semester (June 1 for the fall semester, December 1 for the spring semester) and the faculty has been notified of your expected arrival, you may not change your schedule without approval. The approval process is electronic. You are required to upload email approvals from the course director and/or course coordinator for the course(s) you wish to add or drop to the electronic request. Email approvals must clearly state that you are approved to add or drop courses for the specific weeks in your submitted request. Please check the availability of a course you wish to add by contacting the Dean's office at 202-994-2987 prior to submitting your request.

You may only drop a course up until one month before the scheduled start date. If you wish to change your schedule with less notice, you must have approval of your Advisory Dean as well as the relevant faculty members. As you change courses, remember it is ultimately your responsibility to be sure that you meet all graduation requirements.

Please complete the add/drop request form below:

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If you are requesting a change less than 30 days from the scheduled start date, who is the Advisory Dean who approved the change?
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