Zurab Nadareishvili Zurab Nadareishvili
Clinical Professor of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine

Office Phone: 202-741-2700
Email: Email
Department: Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine


  • MD, Tbilisi State Medical Institute, Republic of Georgia, 1984
  • PhD, Tbilisi State Medical Institute, Republic of Georgia, 1991



Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology (Neurology) Member, American Academy of Neurology (Vascular Neurology & Neurology)



Dr. Nadareishvili's area of clinical interest is stroke and cerebrovascular disorders. His area of research interest is to study the role of inflammation in pathogenesis of stroke. He is currently involved in a study of stroke biomarkers using next generation sequencing technology.

Centers and Institutes

Dr. Zurab Nadareishvili is an affiliated faculty member of the GW Institute for Brain Health and Dementia. The Institute aims to promote and support research on cognitive health that will meaningfully impact lives, through promotion of brain health, prevention of cognitive loss, addressing disparities in cognitive health, and improving the quality of life of persons living with dementia and their care partners. For more information about the GW Institute for Brain Health and Dementia, please visit our website.


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