Xiomara Fernandez Xiomara Fernandez
Assistant Professor of Pathology

Office Phone: 202-715-4356
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Department: Pathology


  • Medical Doctorate, San Juan Bautista, S Med, 2013


  • BS, University of California Irvine, 2006
  • Medical Doctorate, San Juan Bautista, S Med, 2013
  • General Surgery Internship, University of Southern California, 2014
  • AP/CP, University of Hawaii Residency Program, 2018
  • Blood Bank Transfusion Medicine Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, 2019

Xiomara Fernandez, MD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology and Medical Director of Transfusion Medicine and Coagulation at the George Washington University Hospital. Prior to joining GW, she completed a Transfusion Medicine Fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and an Anatomic/Clinical Pathology Residency at the University of Hawaii Residency Program. During residency she was the elected as Co-Chair Resident representative of the Graduate Medical Education Committee for two consecutive years.

Clinical Expertise

Dr. Fernandez’s clinical practice is in transfusion medicine with particular expertise in transfusion support in the settings of trauma, hematology/oncology, solid organ and stem cell transplantation. Her particular focus is to support and optimize blood usage during massive resuscitation.



Dr. Fernandez’s research interests include blood utilization in trauma, management of coagulation disorders following trauma, and patient blood management.


Transfusion Medicine / Coagulation (Blood Bank)


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