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Travis O'Brien Travis O'Brien
Professor of Pharmacology and Physiology

Office Phone: (202) 994-3373
Email: Email
Department: Pharmacology and Physiology


  • B.S., Bowling Green State University, 1994
  • PhD, University of Cincinnati, 2000


I have been at The George Washington University, School of Medicine, and Health Sciences since 2000.  I am interested in the development of predictive pharmacogenomic/toxicogenomic biomarkers.  I have particular interest in improving biomarker discovery in underrepresented minority populations with cardiovascular disease.  As a medical educator I have spent the past 23 years teaching pharmacology, toxicology and pharmacogenomics to MD, PA, PharmD, PhD, MS, and undergraduate students. I also have an interest in scholarly activities examining the best practices for pharmacogenomics education in the health care professions. 



My laboratory focused on pharmacogenetic determinants of drug response.  Current research is focused on cardiovascular pharmacogenomics in African-Americans. 


Course Director or Co-Director for:
PHAR 6116, PHAR 6205, PHAR 6206, PHAR 6207, PHAR 6208, IDIS 207


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