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Robert Miller Robert Miller
Vivian Gill Distinguished Research Professor
Vice Dean of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology

Office Phone: 202-994-6988
Email: Email
Department: Anatomy and Cell Biology


Dr. Robert Miller is a neuroscientist, researcher and administrator in the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences. He is a professor in the Department of Anatomy and Regenerative Biology and was installed as the university's Vivian Gill Distinguished Research Professor in 2015.

Prior to joining GW in 2014, Dr. Miller served as the vice president for research at Case Western Reserve University where he was also the director of the Center for Translational Neurosciences, professor in the department of neurosciences and the Allen C. Holmes Professor of Neurological Diseases.

Dr. Miller’s awards and honors include the Outstanding Faculty Award at Case Western Reserve University, the Jacob Javits Neuroscience Award, the John S. Diekhoff Award for Excellence in Graduate Training and the Charles Judson Herrick Award from the American Association of Anatomists. He is also a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, the International Society for Neurochemistry and other national and international societies. Dr. Miller received a bachelor’s of science in zoology and a Ph.D. from the department of zoology at University College London.

Dr. Miller has published more than 200 papers in the area of neural development and disease with a particular interest in the brain and spinal cord


Current Research Themes

Neural Development/Stem Cells (Longstanding research area)
  • Understand cellular and molecular control of nervous system glial specification
  • Identify molecules that regulate glial cell proliferation and migration. 
Myelin Repair (Myelin Repair Foundation, Athersys, BiogenIdec)
  • Utilize adult neural progenitor cells to enhance repair
  • Characterize human neural progenitor cells 
Brain tumor Biology (Case Comprehensive Cancer Center and Neurosurgery Dept at University Hospitals and the Hermelin Brain Tumor Center at Henry Ford Hospital)
  • Characterize cellular origins of neural tumors
  • Identify novel therapeutic targets to control cell proliferation, death and migration of neural cells
Spinal Cord Injury (Neurosurgery Dept. University Hospitals and CWRU Stem Cell Center)
  • Utilize molecules important in glial development to facilitate spinal cord repair
  • Develop neural and non-neural stem cell approaches to modulate spinal cord injury responses.


Science Research Council Grant (1977-80)
Alfred P. Sloan Fellow (1989-91)
Charles Judson Herrick Award, American Association of Anatomists (1989)
John S. Diekhoff Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching (1994)
Jacob Javits Neuroscience Award (2001)
Outstanding Faculty Award CWRU School of Medicine (2003)
Myelin Repair Foundation President’s Award (2012)
National Academy of Inventors Fellow (2013)


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Miller RH. Neurobiology: A change of fate for nerve repair. Nature. 2017 Nov 1;551(7678):41-42. PMID: 29094703

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