Rebecca Yee Rebecca Yee
Assistant Professor of Pathology

Office Phone: 202-715-4464
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Department: Pathology


  • Bachelor of Arts (BA), University of Pennsylvania, 2013
  • PhD - Doctor of Philosophy, Johns Hopkins University, 2019


Rebecca Yee, PhD, is the Chief of Microbiology and Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology at George Washington University. Before joining GW, she completed a medical and public health microbiology fellowship at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Los Angeles County, University of Southern California (LACUSC) Hospital.

Dr. Yee’s expertise and leadership is nationally recognized. Serving for the American Society of Microbiology (ASM), she is on Program Committees and has served on a subcommittee under the Clinical and Public Health Microbiology Committee. She is also an active member of a working group for Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI).

Clinical Expertise
Dr. Yee’s clinical practice focus is to provide diagnosis for infectious diseases. Her expertise is in development, evaluation, and implementation of diagnostic tools for detection of microorganisms involved in infectious diseases and also antimicrobial resistance. In molecular pathology, she has experience in developing molecular tests (PCR-based or sequencing) for diagnosis of viral and bacterial pathogens.   



Dr. Yee’s research interest is in the development of novel, more rapid diagnostics  (both molecular and phenotypic tools)  for infectious diseases diagnoses and antimicrobial resistance detection. Upon implementation of new testing methodologies, she is interested in the clinical utility of the tests by evaluating clinical outcomes. Given her expertise in antimicrobial resistance, she is interested in elucidating emerging antimicrobial resistance mechanisms and exploring the role of novel laboratory diagnostic tools in facilitating antimicrobial stewardship programs to reduce costs, optimize therapeutic outcomes, and reduce antimicrobial resistance.


Immunohematology, Inflammation, Infection
Medical Microbiology
Molecular Pathology


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