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Raja Mazumder Raja Mazumder
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine

Office Phone: 202-994-5004
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Department: Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine


Dr. Mazumder is a Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine and Co-Director of The McCormick Genomic Proteomic Center at The George Washington University (GW). His background is in evolutionary biology and bioinformatics. He has worked at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Merck, NIH, and Georgetown University before coming to GW. While working at National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at NIH, UniProt and Protein Information Resource (PIR), Dr. Mazumder worked closely with colleagues in developing international molecular biology resources and using these resources to identify therapeutics, diagnostics and vaccines targets. Through NIH, NSF, FDA and industry funding he is involved in genomic and bioinformatics research in cancer biology, glycobiology, metagenomics and bioinformatics standards development. Dr. Mazumder leads the public High Performance Integrated Virtual Environment (HIVE). HIVE is approved for use in a regulatory environment at US FDA. In addition to his research activities he mentors Ph.D. and M.S. students and co-directs the Bioinformatics M.S. graduate program track and Genomics and Bioinformatics Ph.D. program at GW.


Applied bioinformatics and computational biochemistry strongly rooted in evolutionary biology form the basis of my research program. Many of our bioinformatics predictions have been validated in the laboratory, and there are currently a few that are in the wet-lab testing phase. Our current research goals includes conducting a comprehensive comparative analysis at the genomic level, the development of methods to perform analysis of extra-large data sets (such as next generation data and proteomics data) within the context of evolutionary systems biology to identify experimental therapeutic targets, and to create a bioinformatics data-warehouse for “omics” data integration for cancer research and standards development. We use bioinformatic approaches in conjunction with experimental data to identify potential experimental targets for development of diagnostics/therapeutics. Our objective is to perform predictive modeling of cancer pathways, systems-level evolutionary analysis of genes, proteins and their regulation. Ongoing projects: High-performance Integrated Virtual Environment (HIVE) (; Glycoinformatics resource (; Cancer biomarker resuorce (; Bioinformatics standards development (

For more information, please visit the Mazumder Lab website


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Amino acid sites in Flavivirus E proteins useful for development of diagnostics and vaccines. Inventors: J-L Sagripanti , Cathy Wu and Raja Mazumder. Patent Application number 60,921,747 Serial # 12,061,067. Approved May 17, 2011. Number: 7943148

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