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Laureano Asico Laureano Asico
Assistant Research Professor of Medicine

Office Phone: 202-741-2233
Email: Email
Department: Medicine


  • B.S., University of the Philippines, 1977
  • DVM, University of the Philippines, 1981


Dr. Laureano D. Asico is an Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Renal Diseases and Hypertension, The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. He has been invited as guest lecturer in several institutions and universities in the US and abroad.

Dr. Asico received his BS and DVM degrees from the University of the Philippines. He received additional training on Rodent Cardiac and Renal Transplantation from the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

The present thrust of his research is the study of the cause of essential hypertension. Initially, the condition was recognized as an adult-onset disorder. Lately however, there have been indications that early predictors and predisposing factors can be found in the young. These genetic dysfunctions coupled with other environmental factors and particular lifestyle (i.e. high salt intake) has been zeroed in as the cause of hypertension. The dysfunction of the natriuretic system, particularly the elimination of salt, as in the action of the renal dopaminergic system, has been highly implicated. Dopamine is a hormone whose effect on its receptor regulates water and salt homeostasis by inhibiting salt transport in the nephron. For more than three decades, he has been involved in the study of the action of dopamine on the kidney, in the regulation of blood pressure and has expanded his research into the determination of the main organs for dopamine action (i.e. renal transplantation between transgenic and wild type mice) as well as gene knockdowns through the use of gene silencing oligonucleotides to target particular organ receptors. He has developed novel surgical approaches of targeting specific organs. He has been a co-investigator on several NIH-funded grants, and has pioneered the groundwork for several proposed projects including the long established but never fully explained gastro-renal reflex. He has provided intellectual advice, expertise and surgical skills to assess changes in the blood pressure in anesthetized and chronic techniques and targeted gene silencing and transferring experiments. He has been an author and co-author of 89 peer reviewed articles and several book chapters which has been cited multiple times. He has been awarded the Outstanding Alumni Award for 2017 by the University of the Philippines Alumni Association in America. He has mentored numerous graduate, undergraduate, trainees and high school students who have gone on to be successful in their chosen medical careers or other endeavors.

He has worked continuously in collaboration with Dr, Pedro A. Jose and Dr. Dominic Raj of the Department of Medicine and supported the in vivo portion of the research. He has kept abreast with the dynamic developments of telemetric data collection to achieve “awake “data and information.


  • Renal Diseases and Hypertension


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