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To ensure the highest quality in education and scholarship, the CLASS Center is committed to standards and methods developed by the Association of Standardized Patient Educators and the Society for Simulation in Health care. To be sure projects meet these standards; all proposals must be reviewed and approved by the CLASS Center Projects Committee. We are eager to support new projects, and if a project needs further development to meet standards, the Center will assign one of our educators to work directly with you. However, please understand that the Center schedule is very busy, so we cannot guarantee that we can schedule your event within your ideal time frame.

Please read the CLASS Center Policies before submitting this form.

Please note: Submission of this form DOES NOT guarantee room availability. You will receive a confirmation email once the reservation has been finalized.

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I agree that if I plan to present information /data about this project at meetings or publish information/data about this project in educational journals, I must notify the CLASS Center via email to of my plans in writing at least 2 weeks in advance of the meeting or manuscript due date. Someone from the center will instruct me whether to include the acknowledgement, "From the George Washington University Clinical Learning and Simulation Skills Center, Washington, DC" in the presentation/publication. I also agree to include the CLASS Center faculty and/or educators as presenters or authors if they collaborate in the design of this project.

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