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A Lion in the House DVD Modules for Health Care Education

Primary Author: A Lion in the House, Community Media Productions, Inc.

A compelling set of teaching modules is available from the Emmy Award-winning documentary about children with cancer, A LION IN THE HOUSE. Based on real-life case studies, where things do not always go so well, the stories offer a forum to consider and discuss approaches to helping families navigate life and death issues related to cancer.

The Case Studies in Spirituality and Childhood Cancer Module offers specific, complicated case studies around issues of spirituality during a pediatric medical crisis. The Institute of Medicine defines pediatric palliative care to include the spiritual needs of a family, with a broad view of spirituality as the search for meaning and purpose in life and in death. Many families rely on spiritual resources in times of health-related crises, especially at end-of-life. Yet the majority of medical caregivers do not address issues of spirituality with their patients, with many feeling ill-equipped to do so. This module offers the insight of several veteran pediatric oncologists around spirituality issues.

-Each DVD module contains mini movies shot over a course of six years, competencies & objectives, discussion questions, a recommended resource list, and a PowerPoint presentation.

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An Increase in Religiousness/Spirituality Occurs After HIV Diagnosis and Predicts Slower Disease Progression over 4 Years in People with HIV

Primary Author: Gail Ironson, University of Miami

Article published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, examining the extent to which changes in spirituality/religiousness occur after HIV diagnosis and whether changes predict disease progression. The study followed 100 people with HIV over 4 years.

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Faith and Health: Psychological Perspectives

Primary Author: Thomas G. Plante, Santa Clara University

This book looks at "psychological research on the links between religious faith and health outcomes." It includes sections on:

- Faith and Health in the General Population
- Faith and Health in Special Populations
- Faith and Health in the Clinic
- Commentaries on Research Concerning Faith and Health

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Give Me Strength: Spirituality in the Medical Encounter

Primary Author: Johns Hopkins University

A 27 minute video produced by the Johns Hopkins University. Topics covered include definitions of spirituality, reasons for addressing spirituality, spirituality and health outcomes, and ways in which spirituality helps patients.

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Handbook of Religion and Health

Primary Author: Harold G. Koenig, Duke University Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health

This hardcover book provides a comprehensive look at the effects religion has on physical and mental health.

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