SOERCE: The Spirituality and Health Online Education and Resource Center

SOERCE is the premiere online location for educational and clinical resources in the fields of spirituality, religion, and health.

Supported by a grant from The John Templeton Foundation, GWish created SORECE to build the online infrastructure to support medical educators and other health professionals in their quest to teach about spirituality and health by providing educational materials and resources, and eventually recognition of scholarship in the field.

During the past 20 years, there have been significant advances in medical science in understanding the role that spirituality and religion play in health and well-being. Numerous studies have demonstrated that religious and spiritual beliefs and practices are important for patients coping with illness and stress, in resiliency, and in some, healthcare outcomes. Ethical mandates in all healthcare professions support the integration of spirituality into the care of patients. And because of the importance of spirituality for high-quality, competent, and safe healthcare, The Joint Commission requires that spiritual care be available to patients in hospital settings.

We invite everyone working on spirituality and health issues to contribute to SOERCE a way of sharing your knowledge and expertise. Please share your educational and clinical materials with others through SOERCE. We are seeking relevant:

  • Articles
  • Assessment tools
  • Case studies
  • Teaching modules, methods, or exercises
  • Guides, handbooks, and manuals
  • Video or audio presentations
  • Patient or caregiver educational materials

All submissions are welcome, but will be reviewed for inclusion on the site. Click here to submit! We also ask for any ideas you might have about the website, links you would wish to see, and any other creative ideas you may have related to this project.

For more information please contact or by telephone at (202) 994-6228.