Computer Purchase Request | Forms

This form is intended for upgrading/replacing existing equipment or requesting equipment for new positions.

  • Upgrade requests are subject to the School of Medicine and Health Science's replacement schedule.
  • According to SMHS policy, each staff/faculty is allowed a single computer.
  • All computer requests must be submitted for the approval of CASS.
  • Separate assessment forms must be completed for each system requested.
  • Missing information will delay the purchasing process.
  • After specifications are approved, CASS will create an iBuy cart and forward to the designated iBuy Requester.
  • Upon arrival and preparation of new equipment, the CASS Help Desk will arrange installation and, as necessary, disposal of equipment.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all fields are required.

Only approved equipment will be supported by CASS and allowed on the SMHS network.

Type of Request

Primary Equipment End User

Campus Location for Equipment

Departmental P-Card Contact
Existing Computer Information
Enter the existing computer service tag number. If not known or unavailable, enter "unknown."
If unit is replacing a supported model, state justifications for replacement. Must be fully and adequately justified including specific repair record, special application requirements, etc.
Recently decommissioned models: Dell Optiplex 960, 980, 990, 7010; Dell Latitude E-Series 6400, 6410, 6420, 6500, 6510, 6530

Minimum Workstation purchase standards effective October, 2015:
Dell Optiplex 9030 AIO, Intel I5 quad core , 8 GB Ram, 256 GB SSD Hard Drive, Windows 10 Enterprise, 23" Flatscreen Monitor

Up-to-date specifications are dependent on Dell's current pricing and a $1,200 system target price.  Please include a description of your current Monitor.
Additional options or upgrades must be specifically justified based on operational requirements. Provide justification for any requirements in excess of the current standards.

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