CASS HelpDesk Mission Statement

The mission of the Computer and Application Support Services Help Desk is to provide faculty and staff at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences with a single point of contact within CASS so that access to appropriate levels of computing and networking services and the technical support essential to effectively use these services is provided in an efficient and effective manner.

CASS Help Desk Objectives

The following itemization of objectives summarizes those activities which must be performed to accomplish the mission of the CASS Help Desk.

  1. Provide current, accurate information concerning CASS computing and networking activities to faculty and staff at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.
  2. Handle certain critical elements of problem management for CASS by:
    1. Logging all problems
    2. Performing first-level problem determination
    3. Providing problem resolution or bypass/recovery procedures when appropriate
    4. Referring second-level questions and problems to designate CASS consultants or groups
    5. Monitoring problems coming through the Help Desk to ensure action has been taken
    6. Providing reports on the types and volume of logged problems
  3. Communicate availability status of supported resources to CASS clients through designated methods of communication in a timely manner
  4. Assist clients in administrative tasks associated with CASS resources and services.
  5. Maintain the level of technical expertise required to answer questions and solve first-level problems.
  6. Notify DIT of exceptional problem areas noted through high-volume client contacts.

Computer Applications and Support Services

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