GW SMHS reserves the right to remove any page it finds in violation of university policies and requirements. These policies may be revised at any time without notice. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that they are at all times in compliance with current policies.

Web Server Use

The SMHS web servers are reserved solely for the use of official SMHS departments and programs.

Student organizations or individuals who wish to have a web site should apply for an account through GW Division of Information Technology on the main campus.

FTP Accounts

To apply for an FTP account, fill out the FTP Account Request form. FTP accounts can only be granted to persons directly affiliated with SMHS.

FTP accounts are subject to GW's Code of Conduct for Users of Computing Systems and Services. Sharing your login information with others is prohibited by university policy.

Important: The FTP server is only accessible while connected to the GW Campus network or GW VPN. If you are unable to connect to the server from off-campus, login to the GW VPN first (see VPN Login Instructions for additional information).

Supported Languages & Tools

The SMHS web servers support the following:

IIS Web Server
ColdFusion 9
Microsoft .NET
SQL Server 2008
FTP over SSL or SSH

The only supported server-side programming language is CFML and Microsoft .NET (on selected sites). NO other languages will be installed on the server.

MS Access databases are not supported.

We will consider installing other software packages on the servers, but only after thorough review and testing and with no guarantee of when (or if) they will eventually be installed. To request that Web Services consider other software, please contact Michael Acadia.

Backup Retention Policy

All websites are backed up on a daily basis. Full daily backups are retained for seven days. Weekly backups are retained for four weeks. Monthly backups are retained for the current year and for one past year.

Academic Computing and Web Services

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